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<p>Pastel de Nata</p>

The UK's leading Fresh and Frozen Producer and Supplier

Pastéis de Nata

''Blasted at 300°C, making the custard boil.
The result is a beautifully smooth, creamy filling with a slightly burned top,
and a light and crisp puff pastry''.

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With 29 years of experiences we pride ourselves on providing the best quality food

Madeira London Patisserie was established in 1988 as a traditional Patisserie & Bakery supplying Wholesale and Retail. Since the beginning we have sought to innovate and bring high quality products and food to our customers baking the finest ingredients to produce a wide range of different specialty Breads and Cakes.

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desfrutar de um dos nossos cafés Londres <br> baseados

desfrutar de um dos nossos cafés Londres

A meta da Madeira é entregar comida recém produzida, quando quiser, o tempo todo. Nós nos especializamos em excelente comida de degustação, servido com perfeição a cada dia em nossa Londres Cafés.

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Enjoy one of our London<br/> based Cafes

Enjoy one of our London
based Cafes

Madeira’s goal is to deliver freshly produced food, when you want it, every time. We specialise in great tasting food, served to perfection every day in our London Cafes.

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Patisserie tradicional Atacado <br> com 27 anos de experiência

Patisserie tradicional Atacado
com 27 anos de experiência

Aqui na Madeira Londres, compreendemos as necessidades dos nossos clientes e responder, fornecendo um serviço de alta qualidade que é sempre confiável e consistente e com que continua a produzir mais saborosos assados de Londres.

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